Pre & Post Surgical Treatment

Stage One Pre-Op Treatment Two Weeks Prior surgery (weekly)

The two facials are designed to prepare the client's skin for the upcoming surgery. The treatments include deep exfoliation using a combination of beta-hydroxy acid and amino acids and Microdermabrasion treatment. Then, extractions are completed using a high-frequency machine to fight the bacteria, lymphatic drainage treatment which assists with the proper functioning of the body’s immune process the transport of nourishment to the cell, and the removal of toxins and waste products from the cells. Hydra treatment will be used with DIBI ULTRA all of which are integrated systems to the healing process of the body and skin.  

Stage Two 8th week Post-Op

At the eight week mark, the client will probably be experiencing numbness as the healing process continues and the tissues are reconstructing themselves. This is an excellent time for the client to have a thorough cleansing, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory product applied. In doing so, a high-frequency wand will be used on the skin to fight the bacteria and desensitize the skin. The treatment machine will be passed over the healing sutures around the scalp and the back of the ears. In addition, using the DIBI ULTRA treatment to assist in the healing of the skin, reducing inflammation and helping to break down any scar tissue deposits that may be forming is very effective. 


This treatment is used with hydrating and desensitizing serums rich in antioxidants. LED light therapy is a safe and effective NASA-based technology that addresses an array of skin concerns with no pain or downtime. This method will be used in this treatment to produce more collagen in the skin. ​

Stage Three 12 week Post-Op

Treatment at twelve weeks includes a more advanced version of the second treatment, in accordance with the healing process of the individual client. This facial may include an active mild exfoliating treatment with amino acids, light to medium extractions, DIBI ULTRA, DIBI POWER, High frequency, lymphatic massage and calming hydrating e with LED light therapy will produce more collagen in the skin. During every step of this three-part program, detailed instructions will be given to the client regarding their at-home skin care regiment