About Galina

I feel privileged to say that I consider myself to be a fortunate person because I have the pleasure of loving what I do, every day, at work. By bring beauty to people's lives, I feel as though I play an intricate part of their regained energy and happiness. I feel grateful that I work within a profession that enables me to help people polish their surface to show their true inner beauty to the world.

I first realized my true calling to be an aesthetician when I was a young girl. I distinctly remember the days when my mother would come home, after a visit to the cosmetologist, completely rejuvenated with the most beautiful relaxed glow. I was mesmerized by the calm energy the poured out of her. This is when I first came to realize the miracle of cosmetology. That little girl who stood in the kitchen, with her mother, mixing up fresh ingredients for facial treatments has since grown up to be proud skin care professional with 30 years of experience.

Within those 30 years of experience, I have become a certified aesthetician, educator, and representative of the DIBI International Company in Southern California. In 1985, I culminated my European training with degrees in Dermatological Nursing and Cosmetology from the University of Russia. My continuous education in Italy allows me to knowledgeably use the finest products and treatment options available to my clients. My expertise in the field of skin care has granted me the opportunity to share my knowledge with aspiring skin care technicians in different areas of the United States.

I feel fortunate that my skills have been in constant demand at high profile establishments such as Vera Retreat Spa, Calabasas Cosmetic Institute, and Kinara Spa. I continue to seek the newest, most effective treatments available for professional use to assure the highest quality and safety for my clients.